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Thinking of Starting a Business? Consider Buying One Instead

Tim Stolz shares in a recent publication by nerdwallet that “The main advantage of buying a business over starting a business is that there’s capital and loans available from banks for buying businesses”.

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How to Play the Downturn: Buy the Dip. Harvest Tax Losses. Do a Roth Conversion.

 Greg Will  states in the Barron's article that  "It is best to have a market downturn plan in place before the downturn occurs with all its fear and uncertainty."

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Capital Gains and Capital Pains in the House Tax Proposal. For those near—but not at—the top of the earnings pile, the rules could trigger big increases

The Wall Street Journal interviews  Greg Will where he comments on the substantial impact the tax increase has on middle-class individuals.

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17 States With Estate and Inheritance Taxes: 
Here’s how to find out if estate and inheritance taxes will impact your heirs

U.S News & World Report quotes Greg Will where he highlights how to minimize Estate and Inheritance Taxes.

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Questions on Roth IRA Conversions and Taxes in Retirement, Answered

Greg Will is interviewed as a follow up to previous success in Barron's magazine to answer more retirement questions.

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Ignoring This Conventional Advice Could Save You on Taxes in Retirement

Barron's magazine published by Dow Jones & Company quotes Greg Will on saving money in retirement

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance: When to take Social Security?

Bestgate Wealth Advisors's Greg Will cited in Kiplinger's social security benefits article

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Tapping the Power of a
Health Savings Account

Kiplinger quotes Bestgate Wealth Advisor Greg Will on HSA direct transfers

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Patient Care in a Pandemic

Tim Stolz of Bestgate Wealth Advisors contributes to O&P Almanac about business grants and loans during the pandemic

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