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What We Do

Retirement Lifestyle

This is what you have saved for, and Now is Your Time! We send you your “Retirement Paycheck” from your investments every month, and you go enjoy the retirement you worked so hard for. We take on the responsibility of managing your finances so that you don’t have to worry about running out of money during your lifetime.

Retirement Planning 

Living your retirement lifestyle is the dream; retirement planning is how we help you get there. We let you know what steps you should take before retiring and prepare a plan showing you what your finances will look like in retirement.

Tax Planning 

We are experts in taxation, and we DO provide tax advice. Taxes are usually the largest expense in retirement, we help you pay less so that you can enjoy your retirement more. In most cases, we are happy to prepare and file your tax return for you as well.

Estate Planning 

We work with you and your attorney to make sure that your legacy to your family is exactly what you want.

Insurance Analysis

We review your current insurance coverages and provide our third-party analysis of whether you have too much, too little, or the right amount of coverage. Don’t worry- We don’t sell insurance or accept commissions, so we have no reason to push an expensive product that you don’t need.

Investment Management 

We build and manage a well-diversified portfolio for you that is designed to achieve your goals and ensure you remain financially independent.