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New Client Roadmap

1. Complete the "Contact Request Form"

This provides us with some basic information about you so we can connect you with your advisor team.

2. Schedule Your Consultation 

Upon receipt of the Calendly link, schedule your complimentary initial consultation with your advisor team. You will receive a document request list and secure upload link to send us information to help us prepare for your consultation.

3. Meet Your Advisor 

 Meet with your advisor team to discuss your current needs, future goals, and how we can serve you. This is also the time to ensure you and your advisor team are a good fit to work together.

4. Document Gathering

Sign your financial planning and investment management agreement and provide the requested documents. You will be introduced to the rest of your team members.

5. Account Set-Up

Sign the Charles Schwab (our third-party custodian) new accounts and transfer forms and complete our risk tolerance questionnaire. 

6. Start Your Financial Journey

After thoroughly reviewing your documents, needs and goals, we continue to work with you to develop your financial plan. This may include one or two additional meetings to finalize your plan before establishing your regular semi-annual meeting schedule.

Let's Get Started

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